Making of 'The Oriental West'

There may be some changes to this soon, but for now, here is our Making Of:

Making Of

HDR Lighting Technical Paper

'The Oriental West' Animation Technical Document: HDR Lighting

'The Oriental West'

Green Octopus finally presents our Animation 'The Oriental West'. Hope you enjoy!


Week 11: More Production

There hasn't been any updates in a while, but we have managed to cover quite a bit of our project so far. In the past weeks we have mainly been working on developing props, working out the lighting system, and the street area of the environment. We're working towards finalising our first major segment of the environment which is the Street. We've divided the production between the two of us, each taking a side of the street with the shared props and buildings.

Here's the props that we have developed so far...

The buildings...

The street set dressing...

Then finally the cliff edge...

So far what has been created is near final, with just some final tweaks and development to come. The set dressing and the placement of the props is what will bring the environment to life, and create a more believable habitat. As the environment is built up on the shanty town style, some planks of wood, and buildings within the main buildings will fill the scene.

Week 10: Production Continued

Another production filled week of modelling, and texturing in some part. Also we have a slight update in terms of soundtrack,which features in the updated version of the pre-viz below. However the sound track still needs some work, and needs to be edited along side the visuals, as aposed to simply playing on top of them. We have also been working on some more HDRI lighting tests, and are pushing forward with some more pleasing renders.


Week 09: Production Begins

We have officially begun production this week, however it has been a slow one due to other work. Although, we do have some nice work to show. Sam has begun modelling some props, and were now one building down. Also this week we have compiled a list of production queries, that will need to be ironed out in the near future. These range from working out a technique to create the ground, the sky, and render optimisation.