Week 10: Production Continued

Another production filled week of modelling, and texturing in some part. Also we have a slight update in terms of soundtrack,which features in the updated version of the pre-viz below. However the sound track still needs some work, and needs to be edited along side the visuals, as aposed to simply playing on top of them. We have also been working on some more HDRI lighting tests, and are pushing forward with some more pleasing renders.


Jon Stewart said...

Not that it really makes a difference, but in future if you're not smoothing a surface and/or it's a flat surface completely, you can end edge loops however you see fit. For example you have loops coming from the circular doorway that run parallel all the way around. Would be less headache for you to just end them suddenly. Good stuff none the less.

tutorphil said...

You know, boys - on those still still shots, I think you need a slow push on each of them (or a pull back) just to bed them into the other shots; it just needs to be slight, nothing dramatic, but it will help them gel - and also, if I was editing this footage to that music, I'd ensure that each hard edit fell very precisely on a beat or 'hard edit' in the music itself; let the music 'tell you' when to hard edit - try it out - marry the hard edits to the precise beats/stops/starts of your soundtrack (+ those slight pushes/pulls) and just watch how the whole piece will just flow together.

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

the texturing blows my mind away :D it looks no less than professional to my mind :]