Week Two: Another Idea - 'Oriental Western Environment'

A new week, a new idea. After a very useful in depth talk with Phil, it became clear to us that we wernt using our collaboration to our advantages. We were more in the state of mind that, two people means twice the quality in production. So after a few meetings and conversations we have begun to narrow down our new idea. The new idea is to create a completely new environment to a large scale (well to a certain degree). Our design idea was to take an existing environment and add a completely opposite twist. So we would need to work out an existing setting, time period, and a twist. As the title of the post suggests we are moving on with the setting being a western town, and the twist being oriental. However, as everyone knows, people like animations. So to turn our environment into an animation, ideas are in the works of a drone like robot searching the environment for a desired object, an object which would fit the environment and setting. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

Also presenting our studio ident, produced by Sam with input from me.


Tom Beg said...

There's a game called Red Steel 2 you might want to look at. Looks quite cool. It's artstyle is Western + Oriental, so you might need to find a cunning way of differentiating from that.



Even that's just taking cues from Akira Kurosawa's 1961 film Yojimbo.


There's also a film called Sukiyaki Western Django:


So it's a style that's already been used but I'm sure there are ways to make it fresh again.

I mean, there are lots of other cultures and styles in Asia so it doesn't have to be Samurai. It could be: Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese etc

It doesnt have to be ancient either. South Korea - building itself from the rubble post-Korean War was a pretty interesting place. North Korea too with it's Soviet influenced style.

Tom Beg said...

Also, what kind of Western? There's John Ford and Howard Hawes style westerns. Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. Mad Max is a kind of Western. Dead Man? Mexican Westerns El Mariachi, Desperado etc. There's also Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, a council estate western.

So yeah, its a genre that can do and go lots of interesting directions.

Richard V-C said...

Those are some good questions, all of which will be answered soon. You have given us lots of interesting points to look at, cheers again Tom.

Bob Sparks said...

nice shouts there tom :) I can see this coming together nicely with those references :D