Week Three: Developing the Idea

Over the past week our idea has been developing and changing as we've been discussing what we want to produce throughout this project. As of last week, our synopsis was as follows:

"An oriental western environment with an added Sci-Fi element: The environment, being the main focus of the project, would be explored by a character rather than a camera fly through. The environment would comprise aesthetics of oriental countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand etc. and their ancient architecture. This would then be placed in a classic western environment for its harsh desert land. Within this setting there would be a deserted industrial town which would contain an exhausted power source. The character, being the secondary focus of the project, will be a mechanical drone on a search mission for an object within the town. The drone will be alien to the town, but will belong to the same world."

This was included in our Project Proposal, as presented to Alan on Friday:

We were happy with the theme of a Western-Oriental environment and agreed that we wanted to produce a full animation. The drone was considered as a method for showing the environment, following the drone as he journied through the town. However, in discussion with both Phil and Alan, it was suggested that the drone would take the focus away from the main ambition of the project, that of designing and producing a fictional world. Including the drone would bring the animation into more of a narrative-based project, which is not what Richard and I intended. Instead the animation will be a sequence of exploration and establishing shots of the town's various environments, including visual effects and sound.

Now that we have a strong idea and a reasonable vision to produce, it is time to proceed with the designing and concepting of our world. Below is some inital artwork that has been produced over the past week.


tutorphil said...

Hey you two,

remember we had that conversation about how you could simply 'film' your environment as a combination of macro/micro shots: well this was posted on the group blog a few days back and it might further bolster your confidences about how you might show your environment in the final piece.


and especially this one - which is stunning, and very confident in terms of its steady, slow spectacle.