Week 05: Visualising The World

Over the past week we have continued to design and visualise the world in which our animation is set. I have began by thumbnailing various different building designs, where as Sam has worked out some more refined buildings and concepts. Our world is gradually starting to be visualised, and hopefully at the end of next week, the majority of the concept art stage will be complete.

All concepts will be further developed within the next week. We are aiming to produce development thumbnails for various buildings, with a refined concept piece for each buildings, and a set of concept paintings for the set design of each area. With the areas being; the entrance/street to the town, rail/depot yard, alley way, and courtyard.


tutorphil said...

Hey gents,

Really nice professional work! PWTM beckons!

Richard V-C said...

Ah cheers Phil, its coming along nicely.

Bob Sparks said...

wow :D great visuals there, can really start to imagine the world with that last image :)