Week 04: Final Idea

Now with a final idea in mind, the past week has generally been the starting point for some official art work. After working out exactly what it is we are going to create, the project seemed to make more sense, and became a generally more enthusiastic one. The final idea put simply; is to create an alternate world where the east meets the west. The project is now entirely environment based, thus allowing us to spend more time working to the pipeline for this and developing a detailed world in which we intend to create. After designing and producing the piece, the key problem which we will face will be to evocativly present our environment in an aestheticaly pleasing fashion. We will produce a series of long and short shots, which combined will hopefully display the environment to be a piece of art. Some animations which better display the idea are 'The Chapel' and 'Megalomania'.

Before we could begin to design our environment we needed to work out exactly who would be living in it, which would therefore give us buildings to design, and would begin to populate the environment with specific buildings. The buildgins in which we will be including are as follows; laundrette, convenience store, butcher shop, black smith, saloon bar, medicine shop, scrap shop, temple, power station, train depot, court yard, and stables, plus the possibility of more to come. Once we had these buildings we could then begin to visualise the environment, a great starting point being to work out and over head view of the town. Which would aid in the placement of the buildings, cameras, and scale of the environment.

Now with a plan it was time to design the buildings. To make full use of our collaboration we decided to number the different buildings which will need to be designed, and go away and design them on our own. This will add extra creative flare to the project as the final design for the environment will be a fusion of both mine and Sam's design ideas. I will be designing the; medicine shop, laundrette, train station, scrap shop, and saloon bar. Sam will be designing the; temple, butchers hop, stables, convenience store, blacksmith workshop, and power source. With Sam designing the; convenience store, butcher shop, blacksmith, temple, power station, and stables.

To begin to develop the designs for each of my buildings i will be producing a page of thumbnails, sketching variations of a theme, and will then choose one to further refine. So far i have thumbnailed the laundrette, with a basic paint over in Photoshop to add depth and allow for better reading of the sketch.

Sam has also produced some more refined WIP concepts of the butcher shop, and general store. Some idealogy of set design is in place, which will be much further developed in time to come.

The next few weeks of the project will be very exciting, as it will be the stage where the environment will slowly be visualised, keep and eye out.