Week 07: Pre-Vis Continued

After another week of pre-viz, were getting closer to a final cut for the animation. With the entire environment pre-visualized, we then moved on to add in some cameras to the scene and then work out some angles. After numerous amounts of camera angles in place, we have then filtered out the angles which weren't working and cut together some that were. So far we have worked out some camera shots for the street scene and the alley way, with the courtyard soon to come. As well as this we have begun to take note of how the overall animation will be presented; including the intro, environment cuts, and outro. Also this week we compiled together some of the thumbnail sketches for the buildings to create a rather toon like street.   


Bob Sparks said...

looking swish guys, keep it up :D

tutorchris said...

just looked at this blog for the first time. Great drawings, great ideas. Seeing the large Buddha, the Diabutsu of Kamakura, in your influence map reminded me of going inside it (for 10 yen!) and seeing the way the bronze plates are welded together. i have photos somewhere. an interesting possibility for the drone to fly inside the Buddha? or is it made of rock in your world like the now-defunct Buddhas of Bamiyam? Anyway, well done, this is great stuff!

Richard V-C said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. Yeah the statue will be carved into the wall so it would be rock, but some reference images of your own would be great.